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Working on Hana Tajima’s style

Every girl wish to be her, but She said, wear something that comfort u and not to just wear things that look good on others. U have your own personality. (true2 ^_*)

As-salamualaikum Ladies.. How are u todays? feeling great? Good,  I’ve been working all days to uncover the style of hijab that Hana Tajima is wearing. Maybe soon I’ll put up some picture of me experimenting her style.. 😀 Read the rest of this entry

A little something to share…

Dear all, here is some of my photos taken dated from a years back..

(click on the image to enlarge)

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Rainbow Chick Turban

Hello there. I’m here all by myself eating Big Mac at McDonald, Kuching. Well, I can see most of the people here are staring at me..hurmm, I wonder why..hehe :p . Is it because of me eating alone or is it because of my attire?

Well see for yourself…

It may be weird but do I care?

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Ladies Only! (no peeping :p )

Some of u might know me or saw me or doesn’t even know that I exist. Haha 😀 Well, this isn’t the thing I wanna talk here! Come & join me in this fascinating site ( I think so) on how am I creating my own world.

The next step should be YOU, building up your own world. Get some ideas on every little weird things that I wear & most importantly,  BE CONFIDENT! Always put your head up, stand straight and walk with a big S.M.I.L.E!

No matter where u are, where u come from, and whatever u wear, NEVER EVER feel embarrass of who u are, because, NOBODY can be u except u! huh?? Yeah, Its true. Believe it!!

Enjoy every moment of my weirdest  to the most elegant style I can be…  REMEMBER be confident. I can, so do u…