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I wanna pollinate happiness and bring S.M.I.L.E to the world ^_^

WELL hello all.. Its been long time since I’ve wrote my previous post.Today’s post is just about My interest in Butterfly & bees that made me feel so alive and they really are my source of dream….

The above picture is just to show how the pictures is taken..hahhaaa… All of us might not be a good model, but we really tried to be the best. ^_^

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My beloved sweet Friend’s Birthday party~

The guest!!

On 3rd February2011, I’ve attended a superb birthday party at Atmosphere (but I really hate the place though). So here is some pictures from the party.. Read the rest of this entry

Why everything that I’ve done are wrong?

Puzzled with the tittled?

So am I. Recently, I’ve been squeezing my mind to write something in this blog. But, I’ve got nothing to tell. This topic just came into my mind. I wanna write about it since everyone in this world might encounter with the same problems.

Sometimes, we think we had done the right things but in other people’s eyes, it is all wrong! Why? Why & why?? We keep on questioning the same question each and every night, why is it wrong? Why is it not right?

Asking yourself?

I do love asking opinion from my friends about everything that I did. Well, as most of the human being does, we doesn’t really agree with them. Haha.. When I feel that the answer isn’t what I wanna hear, then, Iwill fight.I will keep on arguing. Some of the time I win, some of the time I lost, some of the time, I just shut my mouth. Well, most of the time, I’ve got the answer but some of the time doesn’t. I usually got the final answer by questioning  and answering it all by myself. Seems crazy huh? yeah. I am crazy.

The opinion that I get from friends, I’ll keep it in my mind. Before I fell asleep, I remind back everything that occur to me on that day. I look back and asked myself, Am I wrong or am I right? When I feel that I might be wrong, I started to asked back to myself, why am I doing it?

Human being are made to make mistakes and repent. Do u agree? I put myside on a safe line. I’m not agree nor agree with the statement.  Yes, as a human being, we cant run from making mistakes. We are not a prophet. BUT as a humble servant of GOD, we are made to avoid doing mistakes and do repent on every little mistakes that we had made.

Im not a little angel to talk about religion. In fact Im not even qualified to talk about it since everything that I did are wrong. Im here to tell u that it is really true that people’s always judge a book by its cover. They only see our reflection. They see everything that we show and their favorite show is when we made a mistakes and then they would have a chance to criticize. This is the reason why everything that we did are all wrong in their eyes. Only some would like to see our bright side. So we have to face the real world that love to critic and condemn people.

Keep on asking why?

Everything will get so worse when we are in a totally different world from where we lived in. People from the north wont know what is the culture of people in south. Everything that ‘south’ did are wrong to ‘north’ and vice versa. This is another reason why everything that u’ve done are wrong because u are so well adapted to your culture. To change from one’s culture to another might take quite a long time and hard work is required. So we have to be patient. When we know we did the right thing, stay focus. If doesn’t, Change. Even it takes million years to change, its fine as long as we tried to be better.

Sometimes on our way to evolve, we get to hear all kind of music. Some are good and some are bad. Later on, the same question were played in mind. “Why everything that I’ve done are wrong?” When I did bad is wrong; when I do deeds are also wrong?? So what should we do?

Dont easily criticize or condemn people!

As an individual, try to get the answer; as a friends,go and find the answer;and as a community, BE a good community! Condemning and criticizing others won’t make world a better place to live unless if it is done in proper ways  and added with a good advices.

When u S.M.I.L.E

Dearest all,  everything will always gonna be alright when u S.M.I.L.E ^_^ Nothings seems wrong whenever u S.M.I.L.E. Problems can also be solved when u S.M.I.L.E. So ladies, don’t ever let your worries or problems or any personal feelings taking your S.M.I.L.E away.

Whats in my S.M.I.L.E ^_^ ?

S = Strong, Strength, Sensible, Stylish

M = Magnificent, Modest, Modern

I = Intelligent, Independent, Incredible, Interesting

L = Loving, Loyalty, Liveliness

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Are u an Optimist, Realist or Pessimist?

Alryte ladies, this is just a quiz but u MUST answer it honestly. Later on u’l find out which type of person are u. ^_^

(Source from 365 ways to Live Happy;Simple ways to find joy everyday by Maera Lester)
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How to Style your SHAWL in 2 minute

Alright ladies. Today I’ve shoot video of myself specially to teach u how to wear your shawl. I’m so sorry because the video quality is low but I really hope u can see the steps. Happy trying k ^_^

Im using a colorful shawl because a rainbow color will make un become younger & fresh. (Im old already thats y Im choosing that color :p ) Read the rest of this entry

White is so not for me~

Assalamualaikum sahabat2 sekalian.. How do u do? I just get back from my beloved friend, Cici’s  birthday party. I am so NOT into the theme because it is ‘White & Jeans’. Jeans is fine but white?? HELL NO!! Me in White will always make me look bigger.. HAHA… so ladies, remember, WHITE will make u fat. Black will make u look a little bit thinner, and Red will always make u look HOT.. huahuahuaa 😀

Well, one good news is that I’m wearing Hana Tajima’s style to the party. I’ll uploaded some picture for u to see and if u had some suggestion u may email me or comment or just send me a message here.  ^_^ (Remember, dont expect much because Im no Hana Tajima :p ) Read the rest of this entry

What size are u?

Konichiwa.. Today, Im gonna talk about body size. What size are u?

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