When u met a JERK..

What do u know about JERK?

According to (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=jerk) Jerks are:

selfish, manipulative bastards who see women as little more then sexual conquests to brag about to their buddies or mere objects that are there for their personal pleasure. As to ensure the post-sex breakup will be in their favor, Jerks often play the “sensative guy” early on so the girl will make most of the moves on HIM, and after he’s done with her and dumps her for some other girl just like her, he can make it look like she’s at fault for coming on too strong, and consequently she’ll take him back if he chooses to return for seconds.

Have u find someone like this lately? I do.. Actually I’ve never meant to call him a jerk, BUT instead HE himself knew that HE IS a JERK!

What about a JERK?

He will play u around, play with your heart, never know what they wanted (as to only playing u), never have a fix mind, CANT truly LOVE u, WONT try to understand u, NOT SO ROMANTIC (maybe at the beginning only as to catch your attention), knows your weaknesses, will DUMP u when they met other girl, WILL turn back when getting dump, MAKE a sad story, ASKED for sympathy for things happened to him, and MOST importantly AIMING at a young girl who wasnt mature enough to know bout LOVE!.. Usually they will pretending to be either expert in LOVE or LACK of love!


1. Makes you feel like a piece of garbage
2. Lies, deceives and manipulates you
3. Can’t be faithful
4. Doesn’t think you are amazing
5. Can’t stop thinking about former or future relationships
6. Is rude, disrespectful, and mean
7. Requires you dismiss or ignore your personal standards, ethics, and sense of morality
8. Embarrasses and humiliates you
9. Uses you
10. Abuses you

A good man does more than talk the talk… he walks the walk.

(BEWARE of sweet talker…. PROMISES are not to be just said, BUT to be FULFILL!)

WHEN it is enough means enough. So girls, open up your eyes… DONT trust your heart when u are dealing with a jerk.. When Ones become JERK, Forever they will be JERK…

SO ladies….
Maybe someday you’ll know that you are worth more than what you are getting, and dont deserve what you are tolerating and waiting for.
Maybe today you can make a choice that will bring you peace and happiness and maybe today you will find the courage inside yourself to do the thing you think you cant do!

About Princess Mas

Hello Ladies... I'm just a normal person but I got high confident level. I can be elegant, sweet, cute and most of time is a weirdo. But do I care? NO!! Do u?? Embrace yourself & be YOU! Recently I've been totally in love with KIM HYUN JOONG.. yup2.. I know lots of ladies out there are willing to die for him (But Im not la). Every girls wish to be with him (Me too).. Since there's nothing in me so I wont put my hope so high, but I can be extraordinary when Im just ordinary girl.. Someday, in 3 years at least, when I finish studying, got my career and my own money plus can speak Korean fluently, I'll fly to KOREA to meet him!! (2011)....at the mean time, PLEASE dont have anyone else in yourlife k HYUN JOONG!! ^_^

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