I’m Not Single~ Duhhh & FAQ

As-salam Friends

Lately, LOTS of messages came in asking many question….


~ Why deactivate facebook??

~ Are u in relationship at the moment??

~Why there’s no news bout u??

~Is your car broken???

~Lets Have fun alright?

~ WHats up UNIMAS?

~ When are u going home??

blah blah blah….

My answer is quite simple:

~ Why deactivate facebook??

Well, just wanted to stop addicting to FB..

I wanna feel less pressure…

To keep away my loyal Stalker…

Im practising myself to not getting deeper into this non-realistic world..

JUST felt like it after watching ‘Cyberbully‘; Nice movie… Thumbs up!

~ Are u in relationship at the moment??

YUP, definitely.. totally in Love… ^_^

With who???

Duhh, do i need to tell????

I’ll post the picture at the end of the post ok…

~Why there’s no news bout u??

Low profile maaa…If everyday there’s always news bout me, what the fun right???

Keep my head down, hiding away from people, Stay Low…

ooohh Yeah, thats all I gotta do now.. Beside studying.. LOL 😀

~Is your car broken???

One of my favourite question.. the answer is a big N.O.P.E!

Just because I seldomly used my car, never moved the car even an inch, doesnt mean that the car is broken la…

I walked to class since there’s no where else to go after the class ended… as a matter of fact, I wanna reduce pollution to the mother earth.. ^_^ Green Peace!! (as Im taking conservation Biology seriously this time okay.. LOL )

~Lets Have fun alright?

Having fun>? well, NO money, NO talk ok…

MOney talk louder than action.. (HUH?? )

Beside, Im staying low right now.. Im old enough to enjoying myself… maybe its time to think bout future… hahahaaa ^_^

~ WHats up UNIMAS?

Nothings up.. just the same as usual.. OOooo maybe the new campus going to be a bit crowdier than before.. The  new faculty FSS and FEB seems to get prettier and brighter each day.. Mr. Salihin doesnt stop admiring the pathway between FSS and FEB…

Hopefully the new hall will be perfectly finish constructing  in time for us to be the first to graduate there.. insyaAllah…

~ When are u going home??

I’ll be going home after I finish my final exam. Probably on 20th August.. But I’ll be fly back to Kuching on 3rd September to fulfil my duty as a liason officer for orientation week for newbies.. Maybe I’ll stay in Kuching for 2 weeks.. InsyaAllah…

My beloved hubby…

Click below to enlarge

Hee, Dont get jeles okay…

I love ya… ^_^

About Princess Mas

Hello Ladies... I'm just a normal person but I got high confident level. I can be elegant, sweet, cute and most of time is a weirdo. But do I care? NO!! Do u?? Embrace yourself & be YOU! Recently I've been totally in love with KIM HYUN JOONG.. yup2.. I know lots of ladies out there are willing to die for him (But Im not la). Every girls wish to be with him (Me too).. Since there's nothing in me so I wont put my hope so high, but I can be extraordinary when Im just ordinary girl.. Someday, in 3 years at least, when I finish studying, got my career and my own money plus can speak Korean fluently, I'll fly to KOREA to meet him!! (2011)....at the mean time, PLEASE dont have anyone else in yourlife k HYUN JOONG!! ^_^

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