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My Bored Killer

As-slm All..



Today Im gonna reveal How am I surviving boredom..

It is simple, just go to www. ^_^

Im a neopian...

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Pilihlah Isteri Pertama daripada Empat

Suatu ketika, ada seorang pedagang kaya yang mempunyai empat orang isteri. Dia mencintai isteri yang keempat dan memberikan harta dan kesenangan yang banyak. Sebab, isteri keempat adalah yang tercantik di antara kesemua isterinya. Maka, tidak hairan lelaki ini sering memberikan yang terbaik untuk isteri keempatnya itu.   Read the rest of this entry

The day will come to an end

As-salam readers…

Everything that happen to live on this earth, will meet death.. Every occurrence will eventually stop sometimes later.. None of the things in universe may live forever, stay intact and not even breaks except our beloved God, Allah SWT..

Every relationship of human will end in various ways.. Argument, fighting and intolerable  is the major cause of ending a relationship..  Even a glass may breaks to thousand pieces when we throw it to the hard ground.. It might be the end of the glass.. Even we try to glue it back together, the glass wont ever be the same.. The water might cant be filled into the glass as it got holes everywhere.. The glass will only be displayed and waited for the time to be thrown away and finishing it life.. Read the rest of this entry

Merindui rumah Allah


Tyme sy menunaikan solat tarawih semalam, ati rasa ingin bangat menjejak kaki ke rumah Allah sekali lagi.. xtau la npe rasa sgt2 rindu pergi mekkah.. Mungkin, selama ni, sy pergi sana time usia yg muda, xmatang, niat yg slh, dan xmenghargai saat2 yg amat beharga..

Mungkin mmg da byk kali sy menunaikan umrah, tp yg tegar & segar dlm egatan sy cuma 2x je.. satu tyme bulan ramadhan about 10 years back and another one 3 tahun lps… Ya Allah, murahkan la rezeki ku dan keluarga ku agar dpt menjejakkan kaki ke sana lg…Amin…

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Islamic Cartoon – Real fun & motivational

AS-salam All,

Happy Ramadhan & Happy Fasting ok..

Today, I got few cartoon to share with all of u.. U should watch it and understand its messages..


* Dont ever show off your good deed

* Be sincere and do deeds only for Allah SWT

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As-salam Ramadhan 2011 songs


Today, I wish to share a few songs with its lyric to all of u about Ramadhan.. May this Ramadhan 2011, brings us 1001 meanings and open up a new leaf for our life.. InsyaAllah..

Ramadhan song with Zaky and Ana Muslim song are really fun.. Its a very good song for parent to teach their children.. Frankly, this is the first time i heard these song.. ^_^ Both Song really teach about RAMADHAN… Try sing along okay!

Ramadan Song with Zaky (Nasheed)

Ana muslim ft Raihan

Bulan apakah yg penuh kemuliaan?


Di bulan apakah puasa diwajibkan??


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OMG my lover is coming??

Just got update that my lover is coming next month.. I dont know whether it is August or September that he meant..  What so ever, I’ll be waiting… yipeee…. So am EXCITED!!!! WISHing to celebrate Raya with him!! Duhh…. Dreams may come true… ^_^

~ Just a quick and short post~

Cant resist the temptation to write something as my heart is about to burst with happiness!!!

LOVE u always~~


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