Harimau Muda steal my Heart! Glorious moment!!! (Message for no10# :Baddrol Bakhtiar)

Salam readers,

At this very moment, I am watching the closing ceremony of Sea game 2011 at channel 801 astro. But my mind seems not on the tv but on the last night football game between malaysia and indonesia.

Well I must confess I haven’t following football since Im boarded to boarding school up till college. Right now or since Im home, I’ve been Watching the football games to accompany papa. Truthfully I really am not interested in Malaysian game. I watched almost all games during piala malaysia 2011 and I also went to stadium to watch the finale between Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu.

Ever since, I started to follow Malaysian football progress and recently the sea games which Harimau Muda (Malaysian team) bring home a glorious Gold which makes me pounder and I cant stop remembering the excitement when Malaysian team won the game by penalty kick 4-3!!!

Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!!

Here’s the glorious moment in the making::

I never felt this way before. GOSH!!! AWESOME!!

I also becoming one of the fanatic fan of Malaysian team. I beg papa to take me to Bukit Jalil Stadium tomorrow for Malaysia vs Syria. Well, papa said we just watch from home. TT__TT

Another bad news is that the ticket is sold out after yesterday’s game. How unlucky I am.  TT__TT

I ALSO LOVE NO10#.  Well, actually I’m obsess with the number. Anything with no10# I will come to like. (Except OCTO!!!)

Here’s a message for NO10# Baddrol Bakhtiar!!


Tomorrow’s game I wish you all the the best!!! Papa said Syria is a strong team and even if Malaysian team plays well but still lose, WE are still gonna proud of you!!! A little advice is, never underestimate your opponent, play well, don’t just play around, show the best that you can. Whatever the result is, we are still proud of all of you!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

engat ek, jangan main2, main betol2, baru syiok tgk game!! To Baddrol, GOODLUCK!! ^_^

About Princess Mas

Hello Ladies... I'm just a normal person but I got high confident level. I can be elegant, sweet, cute and most of time is a weirdo. But do I care? NO!! Do u?? Embrace yourself & be YOU! Recently I've been totally in love with KIM HYUN JOONG.. yup2.. I know lots of ladies out there are willing to die for him (But Im not la). Every girls wish to be with him (Me too).. Since there's nothing in me so I wont put my hope so high, but I can be extraordinary when Im just ordinary girl.. Someday, in 3 years at least, when I finish studying, got my career and my own money plus can speak Korean fluently, I'll fly to KOREA to meet him!! (2011)....at the mean time, PLEASE dont have anyone else in yourlife k HYUN JOONG!! ^_^

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  1. love him too…he’s not a handsome guy…but his has d aura that never had to other player..he is too cool…

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