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Wah2, you all baca tittle je mesti cakap siapa I nak komen2 game semalam? Pandai ke I tgk bola? Haha.

Well I don’t mind what you think about me, since I am also one of the millions spectators all around the globe. I’ve read some other blogs which they quite dissapointed for the loss last night.

I admit we, Malaysian team are lacking in most aspect. Physical aspect is the major problem. As you all predicted, we might has win SEA game because almost all teams participated are off the same size. (No offence k). Lets forward to yesterday’s game between Malaysia and Syria. Don’t lie if you say you can’t see that their player are lot taller, bigger and stronger. Agree??

Lawak gk la bila saya tgk player kita yg approach other team’s player but in the end player kita yg jatuh terlanggar badan diorang. Hahaha. Yesterday we also can see that our player were at disadvantage by speed and moves. Kita punya bola banyak kena curi. (jahat la diorang suka curi bola kn? hehe) but why kena curi?

Speed kita kurAng plus diorang punya moves and tactics are so well planned. If malaysian dpt bola, there will be 2 or more players will approach them in different direction; usually front and back. There’s also time when they(Syria) played like a rugby or hockey player. Diorang himpit kita sampai terlepas bola. If korunk perasan, player Syria jarang tanduk bola. They were using their body instead. Thats why kita kena ada body yg kuat. Hehe.

Its not in our hand to make our player taller but we sure can make them stronger and faster. Maybe they can try building body and gaining weight. But I know this will affect their speed and agility. Therefore, they must as well Improving their stamina. Its not an easy job and its not something we can get in a day or weeks. It might takes months. It will worth the effort though. InsyaAllah if they keep on improving, someday we might win World Cup!! Yay!!

I know that our team coach are the best and wise man. He might have forseen everything and he might have plan for the player. So I just can say All the Best! Dont give up! Play well!!

Here’s a phrase that are spreading in facebook since Malaysian won SEA game;

GURU dan paling penting team MALAYSIA ada Khairul Fahmi Che Mat yang sentiasa cermat menangkap bola dan MALAYSIA juga ada Baddrol Bakhtiar yang sentiasa berikhtiar menjaringkan gol dari jarak jauh dan paling HEBAT was because MALAYSIA has Ong ! [Ong Kim Siew]

** Malaysian team is GREAT because they has a MUSLIM, a TAMIL, a GURU (teacher), and most importantly they has Khairul Fahmi CHE MAT (Careful) in catching the ball and Malaysia also has Baddrol BAKHTIAR (a thinker) whom always think/plan to strike goal at long distances and the greatest is Malaysia has ONG (luck)!! (Ong Kim Siew).

Well this is what make Malaysian team extra special!! We are from different races and religions but still we can unite as ONE!! Im proud to be a Malaysian!! PEACE..

About Princess Mas

Hello Ladies... I'm just a normal person but I got high confident level. I can be elegant, sweet, cute and most of time is a weirdo. But do I care? NO!! Do u?? Embrace yourself & be YOU! Recently I've been totally in love with KIM HYUN JOONG.. yup2.. I know lots of ladies out there are willing to die for him (But Im not la). Every girls wish to be with him (Me too).. Since there's nothing in me so I wont put my hope so high, but I can be extraordinary when Im just ordinary girl.. Someday, in 3 years at least, when I finish studying, got my career and my own money plus can speak Korean fluently, I'll fly to KOREA to meet him!! (2011) the mean time, PLEASE dont have anyone else in yourlife k HYUN JOONG!! ^_^

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