Malaysia vs Bahrain (minute 73)

Salam readers,

At the moment Malaysian team lead 2-0 to Bahrain. First goal are scored by Nazmi whom is a 17 years old student which will attend his SPM next year in 2012. He scored at long distance. Very smooth and so unexpected. He might be the other Baddrol Bakhtiar. (i miss Baddrol T_T ) The second goal by Mahali is made through conner kick sent by his mate. The goal are totally the goal keeper’s fault. (according to my observation)

So far, Malaysia plays really well. Good Job Mr. Ong (our coach) for coaching the team excellently.

In the second half, Nazmi get injured and is changed with someone with the jersey no10#!!! Gosh!!! My heart beating so fast. Im thinking about my beloved Baddrol. But my hope sinking. Its Ferris Danial. I think I will observe him more. If he do play well, I’ll start becoming his fan too!! Hee..

Ooppss, While Im typing, now Bahrain has scored!!! At minute 80, khairul Fahmi has made a careless mistakes. He thought the ball will strike higher than the goal, but it made through the line.

Well, again now, at minute 84, Bahrain again scored another. Now the score are tied 2-2.

Aarrrghhhh!!! Not less than a minute, Bahrain scored another goal!!!! Gosh!!! Bahrain 3- Malaysia 2..

Hmm.. Now we had 3 more minute left to win the game. Are we capable? InsyaAllah. Ya Allah, help us!!! Amin…

Now I want to focus and pray.

Go Malaysia.. Ngaaauum!!!!

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  1. Garuda indonesia

    Garuda indonesia lebih berjaya dibanding harimau ompong malaya, hahahahaha

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