Why beauty is subjective?

Assalamualaikum ladies,

Currently Im dining in a Mcd with my friend, and he suddenly brought up the topic ‘nowadays, if we wanna see the beauty of a woman; we need to see her face to face because they can always use photoshop for editting their pictures on social networks’. LOL.


(The image above is not a photoshop but plastic surgery done in Korea which most of them already altered their appearances.)

What I wanna emphasize here is why beauty is subjective? Have u ever wonder why a photographer used perfect lighting and angle to take a picture? Have u ever think why a model will used such an extreme makeover? Make up, hairdo and so on?

Well ladies, beauty will depend on the one who see~ their eyes is like the lense of a camera; if the angle is right, the lighting is enough, insyaAllah u will definitely look beautiful in front of that person. In addition to that, if u put on the right make up it might also boost up the radiances in u.

Sometime, differences make u beautiful. Dont worry whenever people call u weirdo, it means they care and noticed u

In my case, I always wonder why i couldnt get a taller guy. One of the probable reason might be because I look more prettier from below (i guess). The angle that make me look good is from the one who see me parallel or lower than me. The perception of me might be different if a taller guy see me from up above since they see me from other point of view (angle).

Whatever it is, beauty is too subjective. Find your perfect angle, do some makeover (but not by altering your body by plastic surgery okay!!) and always be confident cause it will always light yourself up!!!

S.M.I.L.E always ^_^


About Princess Mas

Hello Ladies... I'm just a normal person but I got high confident level. I can be elegant, sweet, cute and most of time is a weirdo. But do I care? NO!! Do u?? Embrace yourself & be YOU! Recently I've been totally in love with KIM HYUN JOONG.. yup2.. I know lots of ladies out there are willing to die for him (But Im not la). Every girls wish to be with him (Me too).. Since there's nothing in me so I wont put my hope so high, but I can be extraordinary when Im just ordinary girl.. Someday, in 3 years at least, when I finish studying, got my career and my own money plus can speak Korean fluently, I'll fly to KOREA to meet him!! (2011)....at the mean time, PLEASE dont have anyone else in yourlife k HYUN JOONG!! ^_^

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