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Life is a rollercoaster


What will you do when you feel thrill and excited? Will you shout? Or will you scream? Or will you cry instead??

Life is a rollercoaster

Well that is what i heard from most people. There will be up, down, upside down and most importantly its moving fast!

Enjoy the ride or scream. Its your choice

Some others were saying that inconjunction with life is a rollercoaster. Well, as for me, i’ll scream and shout when im enjoying the ride. Not because i am scared nor i am regreting getting onto it, but i wanna feel the excitement, and wanna makes others riding with me thrilled too. If you just sitting quitely (which might makes u seems like enjoying by yourself) i think it is BORING!

life is a rollercoaster

When you are going up to the top, some might not wants to hold onto the belt nor the handle because you know and trust the belt is strong enough to hold you. Well, the belt methaphorically is your families and friends. No matter what they will always hold u to safety. Support you toghtly when going up and down. But the problems is, when you are going down…..

Some crazy people will think when they are some sort of losing something, nor declining from their carrier or business, they still wont hold the handle cause they still believe no matter what happen, the belt wont lose hope on them. The belt will keep on fasting and supporting them till the end of ride. Tgese crazy people is the people who will success. Even falling down, they are brave enough to take all the possible risks.

Nonetheless, most people when going down will start shaking, hold on tightly to all possible means not to fall down from the ride. They are usually forget about the belt that will always supporting them. They will shout frantically and losing their mind to the end and wont be enjoying the ride anymore.

Its just the same when you are going upside down. It is a matter of your own mind to trust and believe in yourself and the support given by all your families and friends or not.

At this very moment, my belt arent strong enough to hold me towards the end of my ride. Whatever it is, i will try finding the best and strongest belt to support me and i will believe and trust them until i am successful finishing my awesome and enjoying ride. insyaAllah.