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Whenever you feel helpless






A little good quote for myself and all of you who feel helpless at this moment.. Be strong to get through this life.


1st December 2011


I wanna set 1-12-11 as a date I’ll start my life a new. I will let go of my past, forget and forgive those who shouldn’t be remembered and people who’s in debt with me.

On this day also, I wish to ask forgiveness to everyone who knows me. If I ever do wrong to u, if I’ve made u cry or I’ve been a bad girl, I really am sorry sincerely from my deepest heart and soul. Everyone makes mistakes and to Allah we should repent and seek forgiveness.

Let us walk towards sunshine and through the glittering night under the brightness of stars and gazing to the beautiful moon. Whatever comes tomorrow is the present from God, whatever things which has past, shall remain in past. Never again questioned why its happened. Everything has been written in kalam-Allah. We should be grateful that we had been given a chance to be alive today.

Towards the end of this chapter, I wish to open a new sheet in life for a new beginning. Wish me all the best and hope u will always remember me in your Doa as I will always remember you.


My Little Chamber

Assalamualaikum Friends..

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Well, Those pictures are my sweet little chamber. Its small, but it fit me well..

So, you must have guess what is my favorite colour right?

Black & Orange!!!

Good guess y’all!

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With YOU I wanna share my happiness

Night after day,

Seasons after seasons,

Times flew everyday,

Still, I cant forget the reasons,


Greets the day with a smile,

Bid goodnight with the tears,

Separated by thousand miles,

Always live a sad life in fears,

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When my Existence is a Sin (Perfect by Simple Plan)

There are lots of things in the world which are beautiful, shining and glowing. But some are dull, dark and gloomy like me. My life are not that wonderful when my own existence is a sin. I’m just a normal lady, I do not possess any specialities or gifted like any other ladies. Day after days, year after years, I am becoming more mature in life. I tried everything that I can to turn my self from a hideous caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. I learned the way of life, I learned more about my creator, I learned to be better from yesterday and I learned from my past mistakes.

I thought I’ve succeeded. In fact, I am NOT. When my life just about to begin, it began to crumpled again. I am lost. Even my love one thinks that I better not be around rather than make their life much harder. I never thought that I am such a loser. I am not needed. I am a trash. MY OWN EXISTENCE IS JUST A SIN!

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Quick & Short Update

Im so d*** BUSY lately…
NO time blogging..
MORE pressure rest on my shoulder…
HEAVY burden to be hold…
HEADACHE and all kind of diseases suddenly appears…
SORRY for not answering your calls or messages…..
got to spend LESS money on phone…
SORRY if u cant reach me….
got to be away for SOME time…
Im short of MONEY for everything….
TIME aren’t enough for me to think about life…
MIND is away doing unworthy job thinking bout past…
LIPS are sealed to be quiet about things left not to be spoken….
HEART aren’t ready to spare a space for love…
im SORRY for my unworthiness to receive your love, concern, care and happiness…
Im sorry because I cant trust a FRIEND who betray friend..
and in fact a friend doesn’t ‘rank’ their friend for the better profit in life…

‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’

GOOD thing is I’ll be graduating in October,
GOOD thing is I’ll becoming a grown up woman,
GOOD thing is I’ll leave behind every single thing that my teenage life been written in history,
GOOD thing is I LOVE my family,
GOOD thing is I LOVE my hubby,
GOOD thing is even if I miss u like crazy, there are places for me to get away from those feeling and be rational…
GOOD thing is, thanks to God for letting me have outnumbered of chances to keep on evolving to become more and more human…
GOOD thing is I LOVE U so much than u could ever imagine…

Be proud of yourself, walk straight and be confident…
LIFE aren’t about winning a game or achieving dreams only,
LIFE is more than that if u not only see with your eyes but feel in your soul.. Ears are not only to hear things but we must follow the rhythm, mouth are not just for talking but to speak up good things, and hands are not only for receiving but also for giving…

The day will come to an end

As-salam readers…

Everything that happen to live on this earth, will meet death.. Every occurrence will eventually stop sometimes later.. None of the things in universe may live forever, stay intact and not even breaks except our beloved God, Allah SWT..

Every relationship of human will end in various ways.. Argument, fighting and intolerable  is the major cause of ending a relationship..  Even a glass may breaks to thousand pieces when we throw it to the hard ground.. It might be the end of the glass.. Even we try to glue it back together, the glass wont ever be the same.. The water might cant be filled into the glass as it got holes everywhere.. The glass will only be displayed and waited for the time to be thrown away and finishing it life.. Read the rest of this entry

Merindui rumah Allah


Tyme sy menunaikan solat tarawih semalam, ati rasa ingin bangat menjejak kaki ke rumah Allah sekali lagi.. xtau la npe rasa sgt2 rindu pergi mekkah.. Mungkin, selama ni, sy pergi sana time usia yg muda, xmatang, niat yg slh, dan xmenghargai saat2 yg amat beharga..

Mungkin mmg da byk kali sy menunaikan umrah, tp yg tegar & segar dlm egatan sy cuma 2x je.. satu tyme bulan ramadhan about 10 years back and another one 3 tahun lps… Ya Allah, murahkan la rezeki ku dan keluarga ku agar dpt menjejakkan kaki ke sana lg…Amin…

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OMG my lover is coming??

Just got update that my lover is coming next month.. I dont know whether it is August or September that he meant..  What so ever, I’ll be waiting… yipeee…. So am EXCITED!!!! WISHing to celebrate Raya with him!! Duhh…. Dreams may come true… ^_^

~ Just a quick and short post~

Cant resist the temptation to write something as my heart is about to burst with happiness!!!

LOVE u always~~


The above were updated 30 minute before..


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I’m Not Single~ Duhhh & FAQ

As-salam Friends

Lately, LOTS of messages came in asking many question….


~ Why deactivate facebook??

~ Are u in relationship at the moment??

~Why there’s no news bout u??

~Is your car broken???

~Lets Have fun alright?

~ WHats up UNIMAS?

~ When are u going home??

blah blah blah….

My answer is quite simple:

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