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Manglish or broken?

Salam readers,

Today I would like to write about manglish which the word originated from mangled-english that is spoken by Malaysian. Well, Im an English Teacher, Yet, my english are not so perfect like American nor British.

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See things next to you first

As-salam Ladies,

I may not seem like one decent lady, but I know who and what I am. I am one independent lady with too many responsibilities to be held. I have one supportive happy big family, cheerful friends, and I also have pretty huge ambition.

The way Im being judge and treated recently are totally unacceptable. They make me fall today, I’ll rise thousand times higher tomorrow. What we did, what we do and what we are doing is unknown to all except Allah SWT. SO NEVER JUDGE! Your eyes are not that powerful to see things through.

At the very least I am being ‘me’ and Im not a hypocrite like the one they think pious and all. A free little advice, ‘See things next to you first~’

It is like you are laughing to those you see wearing top but you, yourself are topless. Lol


I am Alia, I am a lady with high spirit and confident, I may be wrong sometime, but I know how to turn and change myself. I still have my faith to Allah. I am still a Muslim. If we are brothers and sisters of Islam, treat everyone equally. Teach if they are wrong or I am wrong. But never put a sentence to them. NEVER give your deadly judgement. You knew nothing. Only Allah knows.



Literature Review on Aku tidak mengerti aku mahupun kamu (posted on 29th July 2012)

Assalamualaikum friends,

Im not a good writer nor a superb poet. But my writings all comes deep within my heart. What I see, What I feel, What I think, and What I do will always affect my writing. You can click here to read my poem ( ).

Verse 1,

The poet sees how life goes on. She took lots of advises in her way to achieve her dream. She is moving towards it without stopping.

Verse 2,

The poet started to think again how fast she had moved. How she forget the wonderfulness of life and she began to forget her dream and slowly becoming lost and started to get farther from God.

Verse 3,

The poet knows she’d found her dream, but, when she found her love one, she stopped and change her reason to live. Yet, she’s still in puzzled, she’s still doesnt feel the togetherness with her lover. All of a sudden, the dream she always running for is left far behind for the sake of love.

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The unseen


Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT, i can still write this entry. The long forgoten blog in my happy time and whenever i had a very good life but will always come back here in the bad time which u always become my loyal listener.. Thanks reader ^_^

I always sing one Raihan’s song but never apply to it. Have u heard it before?

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I’m suffering a commitment Phobic~


Since I’ve been ‘single’ for quite some time, so I’ve been thinking about starting a new relationship. Yup. It started already. Even it wasn’t official yet, but its progressing. Everything is smooth and sound until ‘it’ occuring again. *_* What can u expect from a phobic????

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-1297" title="<;3 Bbybu

I’ve posted about marriage and commitment last year (you can browse back my past post or click here


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Gotcha : What guys says & excuses

Here’s something I wanna share to all of you some words, actions, and excuses that you might find in one guy when you are having a doubt at him.

Situation 1

Woman: Why aren’t you let me greet your friend? I let you be friend with mine but you aren’t?  Are you ashame of me? Or you are keeping a secret from me?

Guy : It’s not like that. The time hasn’t come yet. Relax hunny. Why should I be ashame of you? (**alert of the reverse question. He tries to run). You are my only one (**Lame~~). You love me right? (**again reverse question).


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LOVE Phases

Ladies, even a quiet guy had lot to say when he wants to get a girls heart.  Lets hear it out:

1) I think I’ve fallen for you.

2) I love you

3) Will you become mine?

4) Can you stay by my side forever?

5) . . .

. . . . . . . .

(Lame~~~ *_* )

As a ladies, we had all the right to be cautious, sensitive and BRAVE. We are not a ‘thing’ to be place beside a guy, or an entertainer to entertain them nor a doctor to care for them all the time. We are a WOMAN whom gonna be your loyal partner for all your life and a mother to your child. Here is the phases in LOVE relationship.

First Phase 

When you are wondering of a guy’s honesty when they start to flirt with u, first get to know him. If he is a little bit sympathetic, DUMP him. He is obviously a jerk. If he seems too sweet, asked him to get LOST. He is 100% a player. If he can touch your heart even by a simple matter, just then you can decide to start.

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Baddrol to Pelita Jaya


Currently I am at the airport boarding to LA. Suddenly papa shown me todays news. OMG! See for yourself!



Here’s a picture of him


Hmm.. Actually Im into Baddrol because he wore jersey no10# (Harimau Malaya) during SEA game 2011. But since I saw he also wear no23# (jersey Malaysia), no7# (jersey Kedah), my feeling towards him also are dissapearing.. 😦

I support you to go to Pelita Jaya but please take no10#!!! Goodluck my dearest Baddrol!! I cant wait to see your game SOON!


(source from Berita Harian & Utusan Malaysia)

1st December 2011


I wanna set 1-12-11 as a date I’ll start my life a new. I will let go of my past, forget and forgive those who shouldn’t be remembered and people who’s in debt with me.

On this day also, I wish to ask forgiveness to everyone who knows me. If I ever do wrong to u, if I’ve made u cry or I’ve been a bad girl, I really am sorry sincerely from my deepest heart and soul. Everyone makes mistakes and to Allah we should repent and seek forgiveness.

Let us walk towards sunshine and through the glittering night under the brightness of stars and gazing to the beautiful moon. Whatever comes tomorrow is the present from God, whatever things which has past, shall remain in past. Never again questioned why its happened. Everything has been written in kalam-Allah. We should be grateful that we had been given a chance to be alive today.

Towards the end of this chapter, I wish to open a new sheet in life for a new beginning. Wish me all the best and hope u will always remember me in your Doa as I will always remember you.


Malaysia vs Syria (without Baddrol Bakhtiar)

Salam all,

How do you feel today? Are you watching the game at the moment?
Well, I am. But it look dull without my fav no10#.

Papa said this is the game to Qualify teams for the olympic 2012 in London. The player must be below 23 years old by this december. So my fav player Baddrol cant enter this game. Hurm..

Another dissapointment for me is when I saw on tv the stadium aren’t full!!!! Who said it full yesterday??!!! Gosh!!
What so ever, I am still gonna support Malaysian team endlessly.

All the best Malaysia!!!!

S.M.I.L.E always ^_^