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A liltle more about Hana Tajima Simpson

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Hana Tajima converted to Islam when she was 17. Frustrated by the lack of variety in Islamic clothing for converts she founded Maysaa, a fashion house that designs western-inspired clothing that conforms to hijab.  ”It’s true that I never decided to convert to Islam, nor was there a defining moment where I realised I wanted to be Muslim.  My family aren’t particularly religious.  I was interested in religion, but very disinterested in how it related to my life.  I grew up in rural Devon where my Japanese father was the ethnic diversity of the village.  It wasn’t until I studied at college that I met people who weren’t of the exact same background, into Jeff Buckley, underground hip-hop, drinking, and getting high. Read the rest of this entry

White is so not for me~

Assalamualaikum sahabat2 sekalian.. How do u do? I just get back from my beloved friend, Cici’s  birthday party. I am so NOT into the theme because it is ‘White & Jeans’. Jeans is fine but white?? HELL NO!! Me in White will always make me look bigger.. HAHA… so ladies, remember, WHITE will make u fat. Black will make u look a little bit thinner, and Red will always make u look HOT.. huahuahuaa 😀

Well, one good news is that I’m wearing Hana Tajima’s style to the party. I’ll uploaded some picture for u to see and if u had some suggestion u may email me or comment or just send me a message here.  ^_^ (Remember, dont expect much because Im no Hana Tajima :p ) Read the rest of this entry

Working on Hana Tajima’s style

Every girl wish to be her, but She said, wear something that comfort u and not to just wear things that look good on others. U have your own personality. (true2 ^_*)

As-salamualaikum Ladies.. How are u todays? feeling great? Good,  I’ve been working all days to uncover the style of hijab that Hana Tajima is wearing. Maybe soon I’ll put up some picture of me experimenting her style.. 😀 Read the rest of this entry