Aku tidak mengerti aku mahupun kamu

Mataku melihat dunia,

Mendengar deruan kata dan bicara,

Langkahku kian berlari mengejar mimpi yang nyata,

Lenggokanku deras mengikut rentak arus masa durjana,

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I’m suffering a commitment Phobic~


Since I’ve been ‘single’ for quite some time, so I’ve been thinking about starting a new relationship. Yup. It started already. Even it wasn’t official yet, but its progressing. Everything is smooth and sound until ‘it’ occuring again. *_* What can u expect from a phobic????

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-1297" title="<;3 Bbybu

I’ve posted about marriage and commitment last year (you can browse back my past post or click here https://chicwannabe.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/marriage-and-commitment-phobia-symptoms/).


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Gotcha : What guys says & excuses

Here’s something I wanna share to all of you some words, actions, and excuses that you might find in one guy when you are having a doubt at him.

Situation 1

Woman: Why aren’t you let me greet your friend? I let you be friend with mine but you aren’t?  Are you ashame of me? Or you are keeping a secret from me?

Guy : It’s not like that. The time hasn’t come yet. Relax hunny. Why should I be ashame of you? (**alert of the reverse question. He tries to run). You are my only one (**Lame~~). You love me right? (**again reverse question).


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LOVE Phases

Ladies, even a quiet guy had lot to say when he wants to get a girls heart.  Lets hear it out:

1) I think I’ve fallen for you.

2) I love you

3) Will you become mine?

4) Can you stay by my side forever?

5) . . .

. . . . . . . .

(Lame~~~ *_* )

As a ladies, we had all the right to be cautious, sensitive and BRAVE. We are not a ‘thing’ to be place beside a guy, or an entertainer to entertain them nor a doctor to care for them all the time. We are a WOMAN whom gonna be your loyal partner for all your life and a mother to your child. Here is the phases in LOVE relationship.

First Phase 

When you are wondering of a guy’s honesty when they start to flirt with u, first get to know him. If he is a little bit sympathetic, DUMP him. He is obviously a jerk. If he seems too sweet, asked him to get LOST. He is 100% a player. If he can touch your heart even by a simple matter, just then you can decide to start.

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Start A New (Part 1)



Its been a while since I last updated my blog. Lots of things happen in these past few month.

1) I’m a Master Candidate in one of Malaysian University

Master?? Oh Yeah!!!

Continuing my study to the highest level is one of my Childhood dreams. It might seems like I’m exaggerating things up, but it really is TRUE! I made the biggest mistake in life when I’m in school (not studying too hard) and later on I began to crumple and losing hope. Luckily I got a whole lot of support and LOVE from my superb family, and they keep on reminding me that keep on moving. ‘Hope’  will always be there for whom who seek it. Alhamdulillah, I’m Here. Although, I’m still struggling in this new world, and I’m still losing direction but whatever it is, I’ll try to prove to everyone, I can do it! InsyaAllah, I’ll realizing my dream ^_^

2) I became an assistance fellow in the college.  (*What???)

felo/fellow? (Luffy’s is the best though!!)

This is SUPER not in what I’m expecting to be. A fellow? To a student? eh, wait, I’m a student too… How??? *_* This surely is my turning point in life. Just as soon as I’m registered to this university, which about 7 month ago, I’ve been wondering around the uni to find a college. First, I called to asked rooms from the brochure given. My luck is out since every college told me that they dont even have a room to spare for me.

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Baddrol to Pelita Jaya


Currently I am at the airport boarding to LA. Suddenly papa shown me todays news. OMG! See for yourself!



Here’s a picture of him


Hmm.. Actually Im into Baddrol because he wore jersey no10# (Harimau Malaya) during SEA game 2011. But since I saw he also wear no23# (jersey Malaysia), no7# (jersey Kedah), my feeling towards him also are dissapearing.. 😦

I support you to go to Pelita Jaya but please take no10#!!! Goodluck my dearest Baddrol!! I cant wait to see your game SOON!


(source from Berita Harian & Utusan Malaysia)

1st December 2011


I wanna set 1-12-11 as a date I’ll start my life a new. I will let go of my past, forget and forgive those who shouldn’t be remembered and people who’s in debt with me.

On this day also, I wish to ask forgiveness to everyone who knows me. If I ever do wrong to u, if I’ve made u cry or I’ve been a bad girl, I really am sorry sincerely from my deepest heart and soul. Everyone makes mistakes and to Allah we should repent and seek forgiveness.

Let us walk towards sunshine and through the glittering night under the brightness of stars and gazing to the beautiful moon. Whatever comes tomorrow is the present from God, whatever things which has past, shall remain in past. Never again questioned why its happened. Everything has been written in kalam-Allah. We should be grateful that we had been given a chance to be alive today.

Towards the end of this chapter, I wish to open a new sheet in life for a new beginning. Wish me all the best and hope u will always remember me in your Doa as I will always remember you.


Comments on Malaysia vs Bahrain



No other word can explain my feeling. We lost the game by 2-3. In the first half, Malaysia played very well. Awesomely indeed.

In the second half, many of our player get injured and so many of them were changed. Its a bit dissapointing when Nazmi also were injured. I also felt weird of the absence of Muslim. He is a good defender.

I dont think that Malaysian team felt superior when they were leading the game. But Bahrain player played vigorously starting in the minute 70. They were chasing after time and we can see that the referee did more worked in the second half comparing in the earlier game. Apart from that, Malaysian team get tired and most of the good player were injured.

Only one goal i admit was definitely a careless mistakes made by our goal keeper KFCm, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat which wasn’t suppose to happen. But it did. (redha jela ek)

Overall, Im a bit dissapointing. Not because of our player totally but because we were leading 2-0 in the early 70 minute game but just in a blink of eyes we were losing 2-3.

I think, Mr Ong (coach) must take note of our team individuality and groups ability and capability. We must not only gives attention to our super player, but to all the players since throughout this game, we can see that the team gets weaker when player was changed due to injury. Maybe some of the player cant understand each other when they keep on changing the player. (just my oppinion).

Well, todays game sure bring lots of new lesson to all of us especially to me. I know Im also at fault because at minute 70, I Felt that we are gonna win this game. So Im being less focus to the game and then suddenly the game turn to us at loss. Well, life is unpredictable, so do games. Im sorry for being carefree and stop cheering till the end. And I also hope to Malaysian supporter especially to those who can be at the stadium, please dont leave your seat and support our player till the end. Miracle might happen to us too as it happened to Bahrain team.

Thats all for today. Dont worry harimau Malaysia. Just keep up striving and practising to be the best. I still haven’t loss hope on you.

S.M.I.L.E always ^_^

Malaysia vs Bahrain (minute 73)

Salam readers,

At the moment Malaysian team lead 2-0 to Bahrain. First goal are scored by Nazmi whom is a 17 years old student which will attend his SPM next year in 2012. He scored at long distance. Very smooth and so unexpected. He might be the other Baddrol Bakhtiar. (i miss Baddrol T_T ) The second goal by Mahali is made through conner kick sent by his mate. The goal are totally the goal keeper’s fault. (according to my observation)

So far, Malaysia plays really well. Good Job Mr. Ong (our coach) for coaching the team excellently.

In the second half, Nazmi get injured and is changed with someone with the jersey no10#!!! Gosh!!! My heart beating so fast. Im thinking about my beloved Baddrol. But my hope sinking. Its Ferris Danial. I think I will observe him more. If he do play well, I’ll start becoming his fan too!! Hee..

Ooppss, While Im typing, now Bahrain has scored!!! At minute 80, khairul Fahmi has made a careless mistakes. He thought the ball will strike higher than the goal, but it made through the line.

Well, again now, at minute 84, Bahrain again scored another. Now the score are tied 2-2.

Aarrrghhhh!!! Not less than a minute, Bahrain scored another goal!!!! Gosh!!! Bahrain 3- Malaysia 2..

Hmm.. Now we had 3 more minute left to win the game. Are we capable? InsyaAllah. Ya Allah, help us!!! Amin…

Now I want to focus and pray.

Go Malaysia.. Ngaaauum!!!!

Comments to Malaysian-Syria games


Wah2, you all baca tittle je mesti cakap siapa I nak komen2 game semalam? Pandai ke I tgk bola? Haha.

Well I don’t mind what you think about me, since I am also one of the millions spectators all around the globe. I’ve read some other blogs which they quite dissapointed for the loss last night.

I admit we, Malaysian team are lacking in most aspect. Physical aspect is the major problem. As you all predicted, we might has win SEA game because almost all teams participated are off the same size. (No offence k). Lets forward to yesterday’s game between Malaysia and Syria. Don’t lie if you say you can’t see that their player are lot taller, bigger and stronger. Agree??

Lawak gk la bila saya tgk player kita yg approach other team’s player but in the end player kita yg jatuh terlanggar badan diorang. Hahaha. Yesterday we also can see that our player were at disadvantage by speed and moves. Kita punya bola banyak kena curi. (jahat la diorang suka curi bola kn? hehe) but why kena curi?

Speed kita kurAng plus diorang punya moves and tactics are so well planned. If malaysian dpt bola, there will be 2 or more players will approach them in different direction; usually front and back. There’s also time when they(Syria) played like a rugby or hockey player. Diorang himpit kita sampai terlepas bola. If korunk perasan, player Syria jarang tanduk bola. They were using their body instead. Thats why kita kena ada body yg kuat. Hehe.

Its not in our hand to make our player taller but we sure can make them stronger and faster. Maybe they can try building body and gaining weight. But I know this will affect their speed and agility. Therefore, they must as well Improving their stamina. Its not an easy job and its not something we can get in a day or weeks. It might takes months. It will worth the effort though. InsyaAllah if they keep on improving, someday we might win World Cup!! Yay!!

I know that our team coach are the best and wise man. He might have forseen everything and he might have plan for the player. So I just can say All the Best! Dont give up! Play well!!

Here’s a phrase that are spreading in facebook since Malaysian won SEA game;

GURU dan paling penting team MALAYSIA ada Khairul Fahmi Che Mat yang sentiasa cermat menangkap bola dan MALAYSIA juga ada Baddrol Bakhtiar yang sentiasa berikhtiar menjaringkan gol dari jarak jauh dan paling HEBAT was because MALAYSIA has Ong ! [Ong Kim Siew]

** Malaysian team is GREAT because they has a MUSLIM, a TAMIL, a GURU (teacher), and most importantly they has Khairul Fahmi CHE MAT (Careful) in catching the ball and Malaysia also has Baddrol BAKHTIAR (a thinker) whom always think/plan to strike goal at long distances and the greatest is Malaysia has ONG (luck)!! (Ong Kim Siew).

Well this is what make Malaysian team extra special!! We are from different races and religions but still we can unite as ONE!! Im proud to be a Malaysian!! PEACE..