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Start A New (Part 1)



Its been a while since I last updated my blog. Lots of things happen in these past few month.

1) I’m a Master Candidate in one of Malaysian University

Master?? Oh Yeah!!!

Continuing my study to the highest level is one of my Childhood dreams. It might seems like I’m exaggerating things up, but it really is TRUE! I made the biggest mistake in life when I’m in school (not studying too hard) and later on I began to crumple and losing hope. Luckily I got a whole lot of support and LOVE from my superb family, and they keep on reminding me that keep on moving. ‘Hope’  will always be there for whom who seek it. Alhamdulillah, I’m Here. Although, I’m still struggling in this new world, and I’m still losing direction but whatever it is, I’ll try to prove to everyone, I can do it! InsyaAllah, I’ll realizing my dream ^_^

2) I became an assistance fellow in the college.  (*What???)

felo/fellow? (Luffy’s is the best though!!)

This is SUPER not in what I’m expecting to be. A fellow? To a student? eh, wait, I’m a student too… How??? *_* This surely is my turning point in life. Just as soon as I’m registered to this university, which about 7 month ago, I’ve been wondering around the uni to find a college. First, I called to asked rooms from the brochure given. My luck is out since every college told me that they dont even have a room to spare for me.

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