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Baddrol to Pelita Jaya


Currently I am at the airport boarding to LA. Suddenly papa shown me todays news. OMG! See for yourself!



Here’s a picture of him


Hmm.. Actually Im into Baddrol because he wore jersey no10# (Harimau Malaya) during SEA game 2011. But since I saw he also wear no23# (jersey Malaysia), no7# (jersey Kedah), my feeling towards him also are dissapearing.. 😦

I support you to go to Pelita Jaya but please take no10#!!! Goodluck my dearest Baddrol!! I cant wait to see your game SOON!


(source from Berita Harian & Utusan Malaysia)

1st December 2011


I wanna set 1-12-11 as a date I’ll start my life a new. I will let go of my past, forget and forgive those who shouldn’t be remembered and people who’s in debt with me.

On this day also, I wish to ask forgiveness to everyone who knows me. If I ever do wrong to u, if I’ve made u cry or I’ve been a bad girl, I really am sorry sincerely from my deepest heart and soul. Everyone makes mistakes and to Allah we should repent and seek forgiveness.

Let us walk towards sunshine and through the glittering night under the brightness of stars and gazing to the beautiful moon. Whatever comes tomorrow is the present from God, whatever things which has past, shall remain in past. Never again questioned why its happened. Everything has been written in kalam-Allah. We should be grateful that we had been given a chance to be alive today.

Towards the end of this chapter, I wish to open a new sheet in life for a new beginning. Wish me all the best and hope u will always remember me in your Doa as I will always remember you.