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White is so not for me~

Assalamualaikum sahabat2 sekalian.. How do u do? I just get back from my beloved friend, Cici’s  birthday party. I am so NOT into the theme because it is ‘White & Jeans’. Jeans is fine but white?? HELL NO!! Me in White will always make me look bigger.. HAHA… so ladies, remember, WHITE will make u fat. Black will make u look a little bit thinner, and Red will always make u look HOT.. huahuahuaa 😀

Well, one good news is that I’m wearing Hana Tajima’s style to the party. I’ll uploaded some picture for u to see and if u had some suggestion u may email me or comment or just send me a message here.  ^_^ (Remember, dont expect much because Im no Hana Tajima :p ) Read the rest of this entry