Literature Review on Aku tidak mengerti aku mahupun kamu (posted on 29th July 2012)

Assalamualaikum friends,

Im not a good writer nor a superb poet. But my writings all comes deep within my heart. What I see, What I feel, What I think, and What I do will always affect my writing. You can click here to read my poem ( ).

Verse 1,

The poet sees how life goes on. She took lots of advises in her way to achieve her dream. She is moving towards it without stopping.

Verse 2,

The poet started to think again how fast she had moved. How she forget the wonderfulness of life and she began to forget her dream and slowly becoming lost and started to get farther from God.

Verse 3,

The poet knows she’d found her dream, but, when she found her love one, she stopped and change her reason to live. Yet, she’s still in puzzled, she’s still doesnt feel the togetherness with her lover. All of a sudden, the dream she always running for is left far behind for the sake of love.

Verse 4,

The poet still can think wisely, but everything’s she do are not parallel to what her lover’s desires. In the end, she fall totally in the word of her lover. Do what he says so, even her heart cant rest in peace.

Verse 5,

The poet tried to stop this nonsense relationship due to no toleration is given, she’d ran away but her lover is full with egoism, just let her roam around to calm her own heart.

Verse 6,

The poet itself come back to her lover to seek forgiveness for the things she’s actually not guilty. She knows she always make her lover’s mad but she will always be by his side no matter what happened. She can be nice when she’s nice, nor she can be cruel when she feel like it. Moreover, she will be always there for her lover in any circumstances.

Verse 7,

The poet doesnt wanna be whatever her lover wanted her to be. She wants to be her own self till end, BUT she’s beginning to lose herself each and everyday for the sake of her love one.

Love are destructive ~ The effects are not sudden, but slowly eats your life and your happiness in your future. Even so, I still believe the lover will eventually change himself and look at her despair. The lover will soon understand how much he meant to her.

Above all, I’m trying to seek God’s help. InsyaAllah, everything will get better. In Time of cause.


S.M.I.L.E to the fullest Alia.

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