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I’m suffering a commitment Phobic~


Since I’ve been ‘single’ for quite some time, so I’ve been thinking about starting a new relationship. Yup. It started already. Even it wasn’t official yet, but its progressing. Everything is smooth and sound until ‘it’ occuring again. *_* What can u expect from a phobic????

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I’ve posted about marriage and commitment last year (you can browse back my past post or click here


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Gotcha : What guys says & excuses

Here’s something I wanna share to all of you some words, actions, and excuses that you might find in one guy when you are having a doubt at him.

Situation 1

Woman: Why aren’t you let me greet your friend? I let you be friend with mine but you aren’t?  Are you ashame of me? Or you are keeping a secret from me?

Guy : It’s not like that. The time hasn’t come yet. Relax hunny. Why should I be ashame of you? (**alert of the reverse question. He tries to run). You are my only one (**Lame~~). You love me right? (**again reverse question).


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LOVE Phases

Ladies, even a quiet guy had lot to say when he wants to get a girls heart.  Lets hear it out:

1) I think I’ve fallen for you.

2) I love you

3) Will you become mine?

4) Can you stay by my side forever?

5) . . .

. . . . . . . .

(Lame~~~ *_* )

As a ladies, we had all the right to be cautious, sensitive and BRAVE. We are not a ‘thing’ to be place beside a guy, or an entertainer to entertain them nor a doctor to care for them all the time. We are a WOMAN whom gonna be your loyal partner for all your life and a mother to your child. Here is the phases in LOVE relationship.

First Phase 

When you are wondering of a guy’s honesty when they start to flirt with u, first get to know him. If he is a little bit sympathetic, DUMP him. He is obviously a jerk. If he seems too sweet, asked him to get LOST. He is 100% a player. If he can touch your heart even by a simple matter, just then you can decide to start.

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