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The unseen


Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT, i can still write this entry. The long forgoten blog in my happy time and whenever i had a very good life but will always come back here in the bad time which u always become my loyal listener.. Thanks reader ^_^

I always sing one Raihan’s song but never apply to it. Have u heard it before?

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With YOU I wanna share my happiness

Night after day,

Seasons after seasons,

Times flew everyday,

Still, I cant forget the reasons,


Greets the day with a smile,

Bid goodnight with the tears,

Separated by thousand miles,

Always live a sad life in fears,

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Kenapa nak Buang satu Jika sudah dapat DUA?

Salam Semua..

Apa khabar? Hari ini teringat dekat ayat dibawah ini…

Kenapa nak Buang satu jika sudah dapat dua??

(Why we wanna dispose a thing when we can get two??)

Mesti anda semua pernah dengar ayat ini kan?

Well, this phrase haunted me for quite some time. Frankly, up till now I cant let my mine free from thinking about it. It sure happened to all of us. Especially women. Please be careful to whom you are dating for. It doesn’t matter your boyfriend or even your husband. This phrase doesn’t choose its owner. So BEWARE.

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My Bored Killer

As-slm All..



Today Im gonna reveal How am I surviving boredom..

It is simple, just go to www. ^_^

Im a neopian...

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I’m Not Single~ Duhhh & FAQ

As-salam Friends

Lately, LOTS of messages came in asking many question….


~ Why deactivate facebook??

~ Are u in relationship at the moment??

~Why there’s no news bout u??

~Is your car broken???

~Lets Have fun alright?

~ WHats up UNIMAS?

~ When are u going home??

blah blah blah….

My answer is quite simple:

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The biggest fan of KHJ!

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For Those who care…..




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What is kept within; Promise


Bersadu (Entry in Sarawak language)

Mungkin ada yang berasa frust kedak tok? Arum bulak, sik dapat tido langsong. Mun tido pun sik jenak. Yalah kotan hati sedih bah. Mungkin ada yang kechewa sebab putus chenta?

Sebagusnya, jangan disimpan kedirik. Biar bersadu dengan best friends forever (bff). Sik bagus nyimpan kedirik, kelak nang sakit jiwa olehnya. Mun lekak bersadu, neylah tauk hati rasa tenteram. Apa erti bersadu? Bersadu retinya kita nyusey problem kita dengan urang. Share problem dengan urang. Read the rest of this entry

8 reasons you’re single

(Taken from Tumblr… )